Livestreamers roundtable

Weekly Livestreamers round table meeting on Mumble.

Sunday, March 11, 2012 - 19:00 to 22:00


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DATE/Time: Sunday 11th March 2012 @7pm GMT
Last Weeks Agenda: Not available at this time

1. introductions

2. nato in chicago - mediacolossus

2.5 - Press Passes - credentials
dharmaburning: for $88 USD, anyone can join the IFPO and receive press credentials - widely recognized, recommended. << USA << UK
@vindolanda: set up the streamers as an indipendant media broadcasting business , live broadcasters, audio/video bloggers, videographers, photographers, etc.
@theARCproject: getting UK Press Card:
@dharmaburning [12:59 PM] ... press passes won't prevent a journalist from being harrassed. The primary means to avoid that is to know your legal rights, and demand them, on the scene.
(but they can make live more easy in a lot of situations, for example: access to events and such)
3. revisit RSS applications? - mediacolossus
robin: create a site with rss feeds enabled, sign up for a google feedburner account, login to the livestream studio and put that + formatting in the rss feed ticker === it works. for a CMS that can be a big help on this. (supports RSS by default) as an example of one of these players.
For people that understand rss: drupal feeds module. can read the world with this.
OccupyCarlisle: nsmeans to make highlights on ustream
robin: might start a workshop about livestream/rss soon. (if i can find the time)
4. fundraising? - mediacolossus
5. share your twitter handle, etc? - anyone can add here - ;-)
@CourtneyKissMe (personal).or @OccupyRoanoke (occupy. I dont use this very often.semi-automated)
6. Specifically ally with people who are doing primarily online support?
7. share knowledge (and how to do it)
Setup Dedicated room on mumble with room info populated with links
Livestream Tech Group on Occupii.Org
(new mumble features (on the site) include a 'create channel' (==room) from the site. you can add those links there / create a block with videos later on on this page on the site and link the channel/room to that page) This is being tested now, soon to be implemented.
8. try and keep focus, too many topics in a meet can seriuosly overload people (skip this one, just mention it)
9. Livestream as a outreach/inreach tool. More than just for the big actions/demos. 'Meet the occupiers' - informal discussions - work being done onsite or in local communities , for example...goes a long way to letting others know how they may be similar or have similar concerns to current occupiers.
IMO Knowing/sharing these more personal stories/ideas go a long way to highlighting not only how diverse a movement we are, but also how our concerns reflect the wider world. Please don't underestimate the impact of people interacting between the ground and the online community. These relationships/networks are priceless.
10. post the round table event announcement / agenda to the website as an event. who wants to do this?
(can add the notes / livestream recording to the event after it's finished aswell)
11. truth2U: LiveStream: I've tried asking many times for a "list" of the hardware ones have found to be high quality/effective and not able to get answers. How about listed components of known highly functiional units (a howto livestream: hardware list)
"for dummies picture copies needed" listed on a linkable page.
HTC Sensation phone
Good Micro USB Cable (Nokia)
Duracell battery pack - XP18000
Smashing online support team - e.g. Occupy Londoners
Zagg Sparq 2.0 battery pack
Laptop in backpack + hd cam taped on my shoulder + a 3G usb stick on a stick. worked very well.
best tool still is: The Cube (for livestream that is) whats the cube? see the link.
You can connect almost any camera with HD/composite to it and its small.
See for more info: Yes they are expensive.Haha, I'll stick to my set for now. Well worth it for good streaming. OWS are much richer than us
Could a cheaper method be found??? (other brands are working on developing similar hardware, got my eye on this almost every day, still nothing at the moment + only supports the cube now, but this will change in the future. if anyone finds something, make a global announcement about it, cause boatloads of people want a cube for a couple of bucks.)
OWS has a couple, almost had one in Amsterdam. Batttery lasts for 6 HOURS.Two Duracell battery packs keptme going for 6hrs +
Teradek - ? $1300 - give me three, please buy me one while ur at it if you got the money :P (LOL!)
Laptop for example does not last that long. + have to drag more stuff with you while already moving most times... so if your only using livestream, this set rocks. worked with the Cube before, its very stable ones configured correctly.
(In once march I carried 3 laptops, we still had massive battery problems- glad those days are gone, however miss interacting with people as I am streaming like laptop streaming)
12. done.
Put yer ustream or livestream highlights from the past week here. After the meeting proper is over, let's watch & discuss!
Not so much streaming this week - Definitely need help and assistance highlighting the highlights...still trying to get help combing through St pauls footage. Also when there are live events, should be a process where latest news is disseminated asap. Think our livestream community have been taking care of that ;)
From pixplz: This is a longish clip from the occupation of the Capitol building in Sacramento on March 5 (note: there are cops in this clip but none are behaving especially badly) Saturday's General Assembly, This is Obi's bambuser channel, for London livestreamers in case you did not know

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