Livestreamers roundtable

Sunday, March 18, 2024 - 19:00 to 22:00


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Livestreamers United Roundtable  - March 18, 2024 
1. Introductions
2. Recent Events
  • 10min (?) - Occupy the Midwest
3. Chicago/Nato May - general call for support, even if it's just spreading the word.
  • - Basically, since I'm not finding a ton of folks from the Chi in this forum or elsewhere, I'm planning to put out a call for a planning meeting with the goal of doing the 'meet and greet' with livestreamers and local supporters on the ground - looking to do something separate from any other org or institution, so it stays focused on livestreamers specifically. On the otherhand, I would like to make sure everybody involved, like and are in the loop.... thoughts?
  • 10 minutes... Just some thoughts here from Media Colossus.....
  • Tech and Occupy from 3/17 - Wall Street Journal
  • Street Level Youth Media - kids (and chaparones) teaming up with livestreamers? Thoughts? I believe they have a cable access tv show, too...
  • Chicago People's Library Movement - apparently this just passed unanimously at the Occupy Chicago GA - they're calling it "Our Library Movement" - so, OChi will support the "Our Library Movement"
  • btw, I have no idea if this link is really the best one, but I know that AFSCME is all over this....
  • and more specifically,
  • Possible ally - LaborBeat - - these guys do good pieces very consistently on labor, and I believe they will support us to some extent - cable access tv show and radio show, too...
4. May Day
  • - unified coordination of some sort? I know there's a big push for NYC, and Portland, and the Bay, and everywhere else.... ;-)
  • Moscow London, Madrid and many other cities in Europe 
5. Ideas for different levels of coordination
  • - tech/gear
  • - networking, etc.
  • - communication with non-streamers, etc.
  • - ?
6. Setup something to let members know of changes (meeting notes, calendar, etc)
7. Boots did propose to set up a webpage - I will also drop anything in, myself on my blog....
8. Twitter handles: 

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