Mumble recording bot

The idea is to use something like Evebot and change it to record audio streams when events are started, save the audio and post it online.


  • and event is posted to the calendar
  • the bot fetches the list with events
  • the event starts
  • bot starts to record
  • event ends
  • bot saves the audio file to a location on the local or some remove server using the event + date as a filename
  • on cron, a script runs, looks inside a directory or on a server for a file named the same as the event + start date, if that exists, it links the file to the event. (post inside body field or a separate field for recording-link)
  • we can even plugin in an mp3 player on the site attached to that field, so people can play it from the site

it needs to be possible to extend the event in a very simple way. might need to think about this.
this also means the bot has to fetch the end time ones at the start and test it lets say 5 minutes before the end of the event, to check if it isn't extended, if it is, just continue recording.

Development has not started on this, current state is brainstorm/investigate options, but this seems viable.


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I'm from Equipo Te (Spanish tech for Democracia Real Ya). We can stream any mumble meeting by icecast and record it in ogg or mp3 format yet. And we connect to MPD daemon for radio continously. Every script for do it is under GPL licence. We would like to colaborate to improve the system.

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