How to Install Mumble 1.2.3 (Apple Mac)

Mumble is a great tool for connecting a group of people in an IRC-like chat room. What sets it apart from other chat clients is its ability to take advantage of each user's audio input and output. This is really cool but takes some know how to get up and running and sounding good on the listening end.
Unfortunately more people aren't naturally aware of the difference between good and bad audio and as such most users connect without giving the quality of thier audio a second thought. This usually makes for a rather unpleasant experience for the listening parties. This tutorial is meant to help fix that. I welcome feedback in the comments.

*This how-to is currently limited to Mac OSX though mumble is also available for Linux & Windows. 


(A) Download & Install Mumble 1.2.3

Step 1:

Navigate to & find the OSX 1.2.3 installer. Click to download.


Step 2:

Locate and click to mount the .dmg file.

Step 3:

Locate the icon labeled (not drag to Applications folder.

Step 4:

Double-click the Mumble icon. If the "Universal Access feature" warning pops up, choose "Enable this setting". System preferences window will open the Universal Acces pane. Tick the checkbox labeled "enable access for assistive devices".
Close system preferences pane.

Step 5:

Continue installing Mumble by clicking "ok". 

If all went according to plan Mumble should now be installed



(B) Complete Mumble 1.2.3 Audio Settings Configuration Wizard

There are several steps to getting your audio sounding sweet. I have included some screenshots to help make sense of the wizards' lack of clarity.


Step 1: Device Selection

Configure device selection based on your I/O devices. Press "continue"



Drag the slider to set the audio buffer rate. Lower buffer value equals lower audio latency (delay). Lower values require faster/stronger soundcards. The idea is to find the sweetspot for your computer's hardware capabilities. Once you've found the sweetspot, click "Continue".


Step 3: Positional Audio

Choose "Use Headphones". This doesn't mean you _must_ use hedaphones though it is highly recommended to prevent your speakers from feeding back into your microphone.


Step 4: Quality & Notifications



  • Start by setting the microphone input volume to 50% in your system preferences
  • Then move the volume tuning slider in the auio tuning wizard almost all the way to the left.
The idea is that ambient noise shouldn't register above the blue bar and your recorded voice at its loudest volume will not register beyond the green region into the red region. If your voice is registering in the red, it will be very unpleasant for the listener. Please make sure the meter isn't registering in the dark red region. Once you have this configured press "Continue".








Step 6: Voice Activity Detection

Configure voice activation detection so that Mumble knows when to filter background speech & when to activate the microphone so you can be heard.



Step 7: Click Done (optionally choose to submit anonymous stats)

If everything went according to plan others will now hear you with the best audio quality possible.



(C) Connect to the Occupy Wall Street server

These instructions are specific to the murmur server but there are thousands of servers for all manner of topics. The general idea here is similar for connecting to any server.


Step 1: Add the server information and your user credentials

Navigate to - Create a new account. The username and password you register there will be used to authenticate youwhen you log into the mumble server.


Step 2: Connect to the server you just added


Step 3: Create a certificate for added security

Most likely you will want to select "Automatic".


Step 4: If you see this message, click "Yes"


Step 5: Join the OWSNYC channel



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